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Creating Your Financial Fortress

Empires fall for many reasons, but one of the surest ways to ruin is by letting the enemy inside the city walls. For this reason, fortresses are built to protect the people from unfriendly forces outside.

While it may not be visible, your family’s hard-earned wealth is under constant attack from forces wishing to reduce or destroy it.

Your capital can take only two paths:

(1) it can increase like a widening and deepening river (true wealth)

(2) it can run out, leaving you dependent on the help of others.

A plan and a guide (that’s us!) will provide most of the protection you need, but we want you to understand how to keep the enemy out. You’ve worked too hard for your money to have it needlessly destroyed.

The Path to Developing Your Financial Fortress

Keeping The Enemy Out

Human nature means that anything new and exciting will bring about the fear of missing out (FOMO). It’s how we are wired. During your lifetime, you’ll see many of what appear to be attractive investment opportunities. However, within each one of these opportunities, danger may lie.

How can you spot the danger? If it’s exciting and seems too good to be true, it likely is. While some new shiny opportunities do turn out well, most don’t. Why risk it? Even if you do your homework, don’t rush into it and seek opinions from others. It frequently turns out disastrous. Nobody wakes up planning to make someone else rich today!

The biggest risk to your financial fortress is permanent loss of capital. It’s the one risk that is almost impossible to recover from. This is why it’s so important not to risk permanent loss without securing the family fortress first.

In the heat of the moment, the thought of significant gains may be exciting, but your priority at all times should be to protect the family financial fortress. Never let anything breach its walls.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many clients succumb to a temptation that has harmed them financially. These show up as new fads, complicated investment structures, and sometimes outright scams. Sadly in many cases, the opportunity is presented to them by a well-meaning family member (usually a child) who knows just enough to be dangerous but not enough to be wise. The desire to attain quick wealth is universal, don’t think you’re immune to its temptations.

It may work out as hoped, but is it worth risking the family financial fortress? Think very carefully before you open the fortress doors to the Idea Peddlers. 

Remember What Has Always Worked

Fads, scams, and opaque schemes should always be compared to the strategies which have always worked. Investing in the great companies of the world (the global stock market) has proven to work very successfully and delivered true wealth to those disciplined and patient enough to enjoy its compounding capabilities.

This strategy may seem boring to many in a world of instant gratification and new promises of easy wealth. Good, we say. Your family’s financial future is serious business and something that you consistently work on over many decades. If you’re after excitement, find a dangerous hobby.

If it’s wealth and security you’re after, make sure you’re benefiting from investing in human progress and innovation (the global stock market), which marches on slowly but steadily. 

Life-changing returns are there to be had for the disciplined and patient investor. Why risk the fortress on an unproven long shot?

Stock Market Financial Fortress

We’ll Stand Guard

Real wealth takes decades to build and only days to destroy if you’re not careful. Our advice is to only expose your family’s financial fortress to strategies that have always worked.

Our reason for being is to help you protect this fortress so that it can provide safety and security for your family for many generations to come.

As you navigate the financial world, we’ll stand guard at the fortress walls, helping you make informed decisions about who and what to let inside. 

Please always contact us if you are considering a financial strategy that a friend or loved one has proposed to you. While they may be well-meaning, we’ve seen it all. We’re not letting anything into your family financial fortress that shouldn’t be there. 

Financial Advice - Financial Fortress


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