The most consistent feedback that we get from new clients is they feel that over time they were sold a collection of financial products and never given financial advice in the context of their circumstances and goals. Typically these sales driven processes leave you unsure if it’s advice that was in your best interest or if you were simply part of a sales target.

As Certified Financial Planners ™ our simple promise to you is that any recommendations we make will have logic, maths and clear reasoning behind them. We offer impartial independent advice following on from a comprehensive bespoke review where we show we understand you and your aims before making any changes that may be required in an overall plan.

If you have a financial product that’s good we will tell you why it’s good. If it’s not fit for purpose we will clearly explain what the issues are. Our business is built around transparency and that’s what clients need and deserve.



As recommended providers of Financial Advice to IPU Members, we understand there is competition in the marketplace to advise members of the pharmacy community and our clear advantage and distinctive offering along with our CFP® status which makes us highly qualified are that we devise a financial solution around you and your needs. With many other companies, they want to slot you into their rigid process and methodology to make administration cheap and simple. Unfortunately, this “one shoe fits all sizes” approach is a poor substitute for a bespoke financial plan tailored to your individual needs. We have grown our business steadily via word of mouth and referrals over the years because we stick to our core beliefs and treat each client based on their needs, not a streamlined process. Along with providing core financial advice services to pharmacists on an individual level we also run events/seminars for IPU members....

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Private Practice

Those working in private practice have different needs to those operating under limited liability.   To ensure maximum efficiencies are being achieved in the areas of retirement planning, tax planning, investment planning and risk management a proactive approach to these areas is crucial. We eliminate last-minute filing issues for clients by making sure all available tax breaks and advantages are in place and no opportunities are lost in advance.  We are well positioned to advise Doctors, Dentist and Orthodontists having developed long-term advice-based relationships with so many who have been clients of ours for decades. Most of this business comes to us through referrals from existing clients and accountants who like a clear and transparent manner in which we operate.

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Owner Directors

There are many factors involved in advising business owners and our experience in this sector is to your advantage. We know what works for you and we know how best to have your pension, protection and investments structured to optimise return, risk management and ultimately your business exit strategy. The focus of our work as always will be contingent on you buying into agreed strategies to help you achieve your stated financial goals. Corporate entities have a number of specific issues, including designing tax efficient remuneration structures, retirement planning, managing corporate cash, compliance requirements, and ultimately exiting your business tax efficiently. We have considerable knowledge in all of these areas and typically work with your accountant to fill the service gap that they don’t provide.

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