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About Us

Welcome to Moore Wealth Management. We are a Certified Financial Planning Firm ™ which puts us in a unique group of 257 adviser firms (less than 2% of the market) acting independently in the country who hold this internationally recognised qualification out of 16,500 currently practising. This gives you access to the highest standard of financial planning in the world. Our advice led process will give you the clarity and certainty that proper financial planning provides. With over 40 years industry experience behind us, we are here to partner with you in a long term relationship.

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Retirement and Pensions

We will carry out a detailed review of your existing retirement planning and make recommendations on improvements where necessary. We can establish exactly where you are in terms of your overall retirement planning goals by finding out the real value of your pension fund and providing advice and strategies to optimise your retirement funds. A key aspect of this is reducing cost, increasing transparency and ensuring you are investing in line with your stated risk preference.

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Tax Planning

Keeping more of what you earn is a key component to wealth creation. Moore Wealth Management works with your accountant to ensure that you have a proactive tax plan and don’t simply react to tax bills as they arrive. Investing in a tax efficient manner and having a plan for the tax-efficient transfer of assets to the next generation are the other issues which we can advise you on.

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Investment Planning

Too often investment advice is given in isolation from other relevant factors. We regularly meet new clients who have investments with 3 or 4 or more organizations, typically each new organization was only concerned with their own product and not with how that investment interacted with those previously done. In our view, good investment planning must start with a full review of what has come before. We take time getting to know the attitude to risk and reward of the individual before any recommendations are made. We have access to a wide range of investment providers; not just typical insurance company funds and we are well positioned to offer suitable investments across all categories of risk

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Risk Management

Our process starts with a comprehensive review of your existing risk and the protection you currently have in place to protect this risk. By addressing common problems we encounter with life assurance and other risk protection policies, we can help ensure that you are getting the best value and protection. We also analyse investment risk and give actionable advice on how to access investments which meet your stated risk preference. By developing an investment policy statement with our clients we can help get everyone on the same page in terms of targeting specific returns designed to meet long-term financial goals.

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