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The most consistent feedback that we get from new clients is they feel that over time they were sold a collection of financial products and never given financial advice in the context of their circumstances and goals. Typically these sales driven processes leave you unsure if it’s advice that was in your best interest or if you were simply part of a sales target.

Where a lot of our clients are business owners or sole traders we have many other clients who are employees of one of the many incredible businesses that operate in Ireland. Your needs are no different and we will guide you on the right path for your situation looking at protection, retirement planning, saving and investing.

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Life and Living Benefits Review and Assessment

Broken down into two distinct sections. Firstly, cover for the death of a client that replaces their earning potential in the long term. In some cases there is enough or too much cover in place already, we will quantify and put figures behind this and make sure what you have is appropriate to protect your loved ones.

The second section is living benefits and includes serious illness and income protection. Your ability to earn income is typically unrecognised as your most valuable asset and yet you are only one medical incident away from losing all this. Years of hard work have got you to the point where your earning potential is at its peak and it’s vital these efforts to date are protected.

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Life and Living Benefits Review and Assessment
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Life Cover

A way to guarantee that your loved ones will be financially protected in the event of the unexpected, such as death, illness, or disability, is to purchase life insurance. You can rest easy knowing that you are safeguarding the financial future of your family by being proactive in your preparation.


From the outset, it was clear that we were getting proper financial advice and not being sold financial products. The initial comprehensive review was very informative and contained actionable advice and a financial plan. We feel that in Moore wealth management we have advisors who we can trust long term to partner with us in achieving our financial goals. We have recommended them to others and would do so again.

Kathy and Tom Maher, Haven Pharmacy Duleek
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Pensions and Investments Review

Investing is simple but made complicated. You invest in the biggest and best companies in the world for the long term. That’s it, no complicated risk control mechanisms or market timing strategies.

Your pension is a supremely tax efficient vehicle for wealth accumulation and is the first port of call after paying down high interest debt for long term savers by investing in these companies.

Personal Investors(non pension) have to contend with a less than ideal tax environment but we will guide you to the best options for your circumstances but the same principles apply.

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Too often investment advice is given in isolation from other relevant factors. In our view, good investment planning must start with a full review of what has come before.

Investing is simple but made complicated. You invest in the biggest and best companies in the world for the long term. That’s it, no complicated risk control mechanisms or market timing strategies.

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I’m very pleased to have taken the time to come on board as a client of Moore Wealth Management. From the initial review process onwards you had an idea you were dealing with a higher standard of financial planning than before. There is the reasoning behind the recommendations and changes I’ve made leaving you in no doubt why certain actions are taken. I have already recommended them to others.

Brian Tynan MPSI
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Retirement Living

Making sure you are saving enough to enjoy retirement is quantifiable via cashflow modelling. You need to see what you are doing now will work in the future. We will map this out in a transparent process that will give the peace of mind you need.

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