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We know what works for you and we know how best to have your pension, protection, and investments structured to optimise return, risk management, and ultimately your business exit strategy.


Business Exit & Sucession

Business owners must be incredibly careful when keeping funds in the business for the purpose of retirement relief.

For instance, under certain conditions, the extraction of up to €750,000 tax-free on the sale of qualifying assets in the business is permitted. However, revenue looks very carefully at what ‘qualifying assets’ are used in this calculation and cash surplus to requirements may not qualify under what are quite vague trading asset rules.

If you decide you want to leave the funds in the business, you need to then look at a strategy for investing these surplus funds to avoid the consequences of inaction.

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Employee retention

Through a culmination of hard work, study and enterprise, your employees have nurtured their biggest asset… their ability to earn. Income protection not only protects this asset, it ensures a predictable income in troubled times while providing a tax-efficient retention incentive for the business.

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From the outset, it was clear that we were getting proper financial advice and not being sold financial products. The initial comprehensive review was very informative and contained actionable advice and a financial plan. We feel that in Moore wealth management we have advisors who we can trust long term to partner with us in achieving our financial goals. We have recommended them to others and would do so again.

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