Irish Pharmacy Union
Constantin Gurdgiev at the Irish Pharmacy Union Conference Croke Park 2017

Financial Advice for Pharmacists

As trusted providers of Financial Advice to pharmacists and Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) Members, we understand there is competition in the marketplace to advise members of the pharmacy community, and our clear advantage and distinctive offering, along with our Managing Director’s CFP® status which makes us highly qualified, is that we devise a financial solution around you and your needs.

Many other companies, want to slot you into their rigid process and methodology to make administration cheap and simple. Unfortunately, this “one size fits all” approach is a poor substitute for a bespoke financial plan tailored to your individual needs. We have grown our business steadily via word of mouth and referrals over the years because we stick to our core beliefs and treat each client based on their needs and not a streamlined process.


Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU)

Along with providing core financial advisory services on an individual level we also run events/seminars for IPU members. These events involve economic updates, tax briefings, and market reviews/forecasts.

Typically, we bring an economist to these briefings and have in the past brought Constantin Gurdgiev and Jim Power to speak to our clients. These are always very well attended to and give our clients a distinct advantage when it comes to investments and business planning.


At MWM, we are a team of Financial Planning Professionals meaning we offer tax advice and planning services that you can trust.

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