This short questionnaire helps Moore Wealth Management make an objective assessment of your attitude to investment risk. It produces a score ranging from 0 (most risk-averse) to 100 (most risk-tolerant). A copy of the answers and the results page may be printed, signed by both parties, and retained for the advisor’s records.

Important Additional Notes

This questionnaire was designed by Clarus Investment Solutions as a generic tool to assist suitably qualified advisors to gauge the approximate risk attitude of clients. An assessment of risk attitude derived from its use should only be used to complement a much broader and detailed understanding of the client’s circumstances, priorities and objectives.
Its output is not and never should be represented as, or considered to be, financial advice.
The categorisations it produces refer predominantly to disposition towards risk: the categorisations do not take account of capacity to bear financial risk.
The risk attitude gauged by completing this tool should therefore be used with particular care as part of a much broader assessment.

Risk Attitude Questionnaire

A. How do you think your best friend would describe you?(Required)
B. How would you describe your understanding of investments and pensions?(Required)
C. Which of these statements most accurately represents your view?(Required)
D. I believe that the best long-term returns come from more aggressive strategies and am willing to tolerate pronounced and sometimes prolonged falls in value along the way(Required)
E. Have you ever made an investment of a size which mattered to you and which showed a significant loss in value, even on a temporary basis? If so, did it:(Required)
F. A stockmarket crash wipes 20% off your investment in a month. Would you be most likely to?(Required)
G. Have you ever? (tick all the options which apply)(Required)
H. You start a new job in which there is a pension scheme which you must join; the booklet outlines a range of fund choices. Would you be?(Required)
I. You have just finished saving for a once-in-a lifetime holiday. Six weeks before you are due to go you lose your job. Would you?(Required)
J. You have a good friend who has developed a new software application which she is trying to commercialise. She estimates that there is a 15% chance of succeeding in which case investors will be paid out at least 20 times what they put in. If unsuccessful, investments will be worthless. Would you be willing to invest?(Required)
K. You are a contestant on a TV quiz show and have just answered the EUR50,000 question. The next question can win you EUR100,000 but you are unsure of the answer - you are certain that it is not A or B but don't know as between C and D. What would you do?(Required)
L. You are due to go on an early morning international flight and the recommended check-in time is 90 minutes before flying. Which of these scenarios best describes you?(Required)
M. You are renewing your household insurance, and face a choice of lower premium/higher excess(*) as shown. Which do you choose?(Required)
N. Which of the following portfolios appeals to you?(Required)