With 45 years of industry experience and the principles continually updating and enhancing their knowledge through the Certified Financial Planning™ designation you know you will get the best advice in the market. Out of 20,000 qualified financial advisers in Ireland only 300 are Certified Financial Planners™ operating independently at this level. This is internationally recognised as the top qualification for advisers.


Financial expertise

When our business started we had a small number of clients who were dentists or pharmacists. Through word of mouth and referrals we grew and became preferred providers of financial advice for members of the

  • Irish Pharmaceutical Union
  • Irish Dental Association
  • Orthodontic Society of Ireland

This is not something that happened by chance, rather a result of a proven and successful process. We are always mindful of the small communities we work with and are frankly protective of our reputation in these sectors through our actions and advice.

We are of course not confided to these sectors and the same principles that apply here work for all individuals and families.

Colm Moore and Kieran Moore with Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev at the Irish Pharmacy Union Conference Croke Park 2017


Our partners between them have amassed decades of proven experience in financial services, having advised clients in all sectors and managed a vast range of portfolios.

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