Tax Advice and Tax Planning

Keeping more of what you earn is a key component of wealth creation.


Tax Advice and Planning

Moore Wealth Management works with your accountant to ensure that you are being proactive in your tax planning and do not simply react to tax bills as they arrive.

As part of our tax advice, we explore and suggest ways to reduce your personal and corporate liabilities. For instance, making an Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) to your executive pension to allow you to personally claim full tax relief on these contributions at a marginal tax rate.


Tax Advice and Tax Planning
Tax Advice


Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax planning is an often overlooked but key piece of financial planning.

The inheritance tax threshold is €335,000 per child, meaning everything above €670,000 (two children), and €1,005,000 (three children), and so on is taxed at 33%.

Luckily, there are innovative solutions such as certain life cover policies that can protect your family from a substantial tax bill.

We can conduct a comprehensive review to discover if inheritance tax liability is an issue for you and assess the solutions available.


Tax-Efficient Investing

Investing in a tax-efficient manner and having a plan for the tax-efficient transfer of assets to the next generation are some of the other issues on which we can provide expert tax advice. For example, pensions are supremely efficient vehicles to accumulate wealth tax-free.


At MWM, we are a team of Financial Planning Professionals meaning we offer tax advice and planning services that you can trust.


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