Our business is built around transparency and that’s what clients need and deserve.


As Financial Planning professionals, our simple promise to you is that any recommendations we make will have logic, maths and clear reasoning behind them.

We offer impartial independent advice following on from a comprehensive bespoke review where we show we understand you and your aims before making any changes that may be required in an overall plan.

If you have a financial product that’s good we will tell you why it’s good. If it’s not fit for purpose we will clearly explain what the issues are.

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The most consistent feedback that we get from new clients is they feel that over time they were sold a collection of financial products and never given financial advice in the context of their circumstances and goals. Typically these sales driven processes leave you unsure if it’s advice that was in your best interest or if you were simply part of a sales target.

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As trusted providers of Financial Advice to pharmacists and Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) Members, we understand there is competition in the marketplace to advise members of the pharmacy community, and our clear advantage and distinctive offering, along with our Managing Director’s CFP® status, is that we devise a financial solution around you and your needs.

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Private Practice

We are well positioned to advise Doctors, Dentists and Orthodontists having developed long-term advice-based relationships with so many who have been clients of ours for decades. 

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Business Owners

We know what works for you and we know how best to have your pension, protection, and investments structured to optimise return, risk management, and ultimately your business exit strategy.

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